Wednesday, October 5, 2011


nerves are amp-ted
gears grinding in my mind
time to turn out the answers
to the questions
so foreign and sublime

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bad Poetry Day!!!

It is finally bad poetry day! The only day of the year that I can write bad poetry and not feel guilty by it all! goes......hold on folks!

I feel like writing poetry.
The words I do not knowetry
I think they should be flowery
because that gives them...powery
And of course the phrases should rhyme
and they should do it all the time
but that is hard to accomplish
and I wonder if for lunch we'll have codfish
Because it is a day for really bad poems
I think this one will have no end...
for only a talent scout could unearth
the beginning of the end of this poem's dearth.
Alas, my time runs short.....
so I'll end this poem with the word......umm...the word
what's the word I'm looking for here? oh yeah!............

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Choose

Yes, I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death.
And, I have known evil.
But, I choose not to do that any longer.

I have faced demons that had the same faces of the ones I love.
I have battled the devil in the form of those who “cared”.
And, I choose to forgive….and go on.

I have faced evil in the form of my own addictions and desires…
I have battled myself and lost….
I have chosen to up my odds,
I have chosen to raise the bar and
I have chosen to Believe.

To Believe in a power higher than myself…
Call it what you wish…
I call Him, Father…
I call Him, Brother and
I call Him, my Savior.

And, now …
When I walk through the valley of the shadow of death …
I  fear no evil.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Times

Happy times
Happy times
Though it be cloudy and rainin'
I got me some happy times.

I got a Lord to turn to
A Savior who cares
Family that loves me
and friends who share

Happy times
Happy times
Say it with me....
I got me some
Happy times.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Wish...

I wish the world could see itself as I see it
The mountains with their fearsome splendor
The prairies and their colors bright
The ocean with its waves crashing and
Its beaches…sometimes black and oft times white.

I wish the world could see it as I see it.
The grass so green and vibrant in its glory
The clouds transforming in the sky
The river flowing ever onward
Its water crashing from the falls overhead… so high.

I wish the world could be seen as I see it
Not as it is sometimes
With destruction
 War … tearing it apart
 And its people committing

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Good morning sunshine.
You make me smile.
Where have you been?
Haven't seen you in awhile.

Life sent me some tornadoes.
One, almost, blew me away.
How are you doing sunshine?
I sure hope this time you'll stay.

Sunshine, my only sunshine...
Oh, wait, I hate that song.
But, sunshine I'm glad you're here today,
and I hope your visit will be long.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Lost Sock Memorial Day

Why is it we make days to remember lost socks and frivolous things such as that....when we find it hard to remember those who have gone before us? Just a random question I started to ponder as I prepared for today's activities at work.

Lost Sock
Ohh my sock!
My poor, lost sock.
Did you wander far from home?

Oh my sock!
My dear, lost sock.
Are you scared, and all alone?

My precious, lost sock..
My foot is getting cold.

Yo. Sock.
Where did you go?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

In My Thoughts Today

I seem to be caught up in my thoughts today
wrap in a tangled mess
Thinking of the ones
I love fighting battles I cannot fight
Thinking of the past
the present the future

Of the people I miss
The people I don't
The people I want to, and know I should, but just can't bring myself to

I find You in my thoughts today
Hiding there....
as you always do....
making me seek you and yet
I find you in plain view

In my thoughts today
I'm joyous and sad and tragically glad
And I find that rhyming is too easy
So......I'll just be content to be

In my thoughts today.

Friday, April 22, 2011

An Untitled Kinda Day

I just had a day
you know the kind
the one where nothing really goes wrong
but nothing really goes right.

I just had a day
where I didn't get very much done
and yet I seemed to go forward
an unwitting spectator
drug by the current of the day.

I just had a day
an untitled kind of day
the kind that waits patiently
or rather...impatiently to be defined
and yet both you and the day are left
in suspense wondering when ......

the definition will begin.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Unexpected One

Unexpected one
appearing now before me
presenting possibilities
shining light on the dreams I'd lost

Unexpected one
like a ninja in the night
creeping in so stealthily
until I can no longer imagine
what it means to exist without you

Unexpected one
glorious in your very essence
bringing light into my darkness
reawakening my soul

My unexpected one.

I composed this poem as I drove. My mind wandering in its thoughts....thinking of how unexpected people (children, friends, lovers, etc.) can come into our lives and change us forever.....I forgot how it all went...there was more....and as I recall it....I may add to this...but for now I am satisfied with what I can recall.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Brutality of My Reality

The brutality of my reality
 makes me want to rage!
The never ending chaos
seems to devour my existence.
Causing me to lose sight of all I Need to see.
the things that give me hope...
the things that pull me through...
the things that carry me over and past the pain
the things involving you.
The brutality of my reality
teaches me to cherish...
the peaceful times and be thankful for them all.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Infected by Storms

My spirit is in a battle
infected …..overcome
overwhelmed I battle forward
as I rage like a storm
the chaos that envelopes me
overrules my greater need
to have a peaceful existence...
to prosper and be free
the storms that infect my consciousness
are daunting to be honest
and yet I feel somehow….
blessed for their presence.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Travel Notes (2 Blogs in a day)......Yikes!

Searching, searching.......searching.
Seeking for the words.

Blankness, darkness, chaos....
Seem to rule the words.

Despair, turmoil, defeat?
Not I....

Not I.

Not I...
Determined, triumphant, delightful!

Completeness, lightness, order...
Freeing the captive words.

Spilling forth to freedom on the page....
Found, found, found.

Once more.

Blankness, darkness, chaos

Whoa doggies! It has been awhile hasn't it? It seems as though I have lost the ability to express my thoughts in a coherent manner.........BUT, I'm going to make the attempt.
What's up with that awesome title....sheesh. Well, those were the most appropriate words to describe my lack of bloggitude here of late. My mind has been on vacation I think.

K, nuff with the scuses. Going to get started.....

Determination to not accept failure has been the driving force of my life for most of the past 6+ years. The day I left my then husband, five sons in tow and hid for our safety in a domestic violence shelter, was the day I knew I could no longer accept failure as an excuse for anything. And so, I went forward....until here recently. Being the overly introspective person I am....I have come to the conclusion it is time to rediscover the drive to succeed that has carried me so very far over the course of the past few years.

To say I am a driven person would be an understatement. It is my drive that is my blessing and my curse. A blessing in that it has enabled me to accomplish amazing feats that many thought I would never be able to do. A curse in that my ferocity has caused me to lose people I cared about, or scared others away. But it's who I whacha gonna do? *smiles*

OK, this was pretty lame as blogs go. But, at least it was something, which is better than nothing, and only half as good as anything!

Feel free to quote know you want to!.....well....OK.....I want to......hmmm........can you say Facebook?........Things are looking up......I see a Pullitzer in my, just need to make everyone else see. =P