Saturday, April 17, 2010

Screaming Muscles, but Still Chuggin' Along

OK, to be fair to myself, I need to first state that I have been a procrastinator since birth, seriously, I was born 5 weeks late!
That being said, I have been working hard the past few weeks to overcome my procrastinator tendencies...until yesterday. 
Here's the situation...I have my Teacher Work Sample due this coming week...I have had 14 weeks to work on this...and I have approximately 2 of the 7 sections done. So, what did I do? I sat down and messed around for about 2 hours, roaming Facebook, and the internet at large...before I gave up and went down to my yard to work.
I dug up an entire flower bed...I'm talking top soil and all here folks. I then proceeded to replace my eco friendly flower bed border, and then to knock all of the usable dirt off of the top soil, etc. and then mixed in some bagged top soil with the added vitamins and nutrients stuff that the lovely people at Miracle grow put into their "bag o' dirt", dirt.
After I'd gotten that done I planted two types of tulips in my ring o' flowers (what is it with me and the usage of 0' today!?...I dunno either...just go with me here.) They are very pretty in the package we'll see how they grow up to look. They were Wally world Susan Komen breast-Cancer awareness are!
I can't wait to see how they turn out.

I of course...still had energy to spare and was not even close to being ready to go back home to mom and dad's and actually work on my paper. So, I wandered around my house (it's a 3 season house and I can't afford to stay there yet, but hopefully will be able to soon!) and planted my rhubarb plant. 
Now, I have to share the story of this plant with you. (More confessions of procrastination here.) I bought this plant last........May (as in a year ago...*sigh), with the honest intention of planting right away in my yard.  Alas, that poor plant sat in it's cheap, plastic greenhouse pot...through the entire summer ( I watered it my defense), through the fall.....and you guessed it the winter.  I chalked the death of the plant up to yet another wasted $10. (I tend to lose money this way, often,...another of my self-improvement goals...that I'm actually succeeding at, is to not buy anything on doesn't matter how much I "need" it or "have always wanted it".) So, the other day when I went down to the house to get a pair of my spring shoes.....I happened to look down at the poor "dead" rhubarb plant, and was prepared yet again to chastise myself for my wasteful habits....when I noticed.....the rhubarb was growing! Yep. you read right, growing, and thriving....I was happy. Probably, overly happy, but happy all the same. And, I have to admit I was impressed by the hardiness of that little plant.

So, now I am happy to announce that the rhubarb is now safely ensconced in a nice quiet spot near the corner of my house....where it'll get sunlight most of the day and get enough water when it rains.

After that was done, and all the newly planted plants had been watered (courtesy of my pump...which I pumped for about 10 minutes to get the rust out). I decided it was time to get rid of the redneck porch chair my ex had left when he left 4 years ago.  His redneck porch couch is still there, but is going next weekend when I have help from the boys.  

By this point I was huffing and puffing and sweating like a stuck pig, but still not ready to give, I started to dig up the top soil in yet another of my overly neglected flower beds.  And, after 10 minutes of working on that one...I was ready to concede defeat. 

So, after making sure I had cleaned all my messes up (which I had done as I went along...thus making the final clean-up pretty quick), I went home to Mom and Dad's, took a shower and some ibuprofen (for my already screaming muscles), and got back to work on my TWS.

And , that's how my journey goes so far.  As for today, I have now reorganized my bookmarks, checked my facebook, volunteered to crochet stuff for preemies, and written what is probably one of the longest blogs I have ever written.....SO, I am now going to cease my procrastinating and get the silly TWS finished!! So, I can stop procrastinating on my 8 page Senior Seminar paper...that has to be written in Spanish...Ay ya ya! =)

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