Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pot holes, road blocks and Flat tires

Isn't it funny what life throws at us? How we handle these obstacles determines who we are as people. Over the past few months I've come to know a lot about myself. And, for the most part...I like what I've found out, but I've also come face to face with aspects of myself, that I've either never recognized or acknowledged, but can no longer ignore.

I've come to recognize in myself a need to procrastinate. It's as though I'm an addict and cannot function without it. So, time for me to change.

I'm one of those people who has prayed the Serenity Prayer many times throughout her life. One thing I've never thought of up to now is the meaning behind those wonderful, calming, hope giving words. And, the fact that when we pray them...we'd better be [repared for God to answer them.

When we say got grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
Well, he puts us in situations that open our eyes to the things about our selves and our lives that we cannot change (at least not alone).

When we ask him for the courage to change the things we can. He will make us follow through....we'll see the ugly things in ourselves...the sin...the impurities if you will....and He expects us to CHANGE them. (Why else did we ask for the courage to do that?)

And finally, when we end that prayer by asking Him for the wisdom to know the difference. He will expect us to listen to else will we gain the wisdom we asked for...if we don't take the time to open our hearts and ears to our heavenly Father?

So, now.....I have to ask myself.....what do I do with this epiphany...which by the way...literally came to me as I started to type this entry...(leave it to God to open my eyes as I sat to write a blog about the frustrations of flat tires and commuting!).....I'll pray of I always do, and I will start on a new path, and work on those changes that God's been shining his spotlight on in my life for the past know...those ones that I've seen but chose to ignore and the ones I've been putting off until tomorrow.

Easter is a time for introspection, a time to face our fears, sins and yes..even hopes. Easter is my favorite holiday....because Easter is the reason I have a Savior.....Easter is more than bunnies and candies....Easter is the reason I can hope, and the reason I believe.

Easter is my thanksgiving....the day I thank God for every sacrifice He made for a person such as myself, for my children, for people like my ex, and for our world....whether we are black, white, brown or yellow....Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or Jewish. He sent His only Son for all of us....and the only thing he asks is that we believe and live as He did while He walked the walk and talked the talk.

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