Monday, December 13, 2010

The Things I Get Roped Into.....

So....because "I'm done with school!" (say that very perky) I got elected (insert a mental picture of me, kicking and screaming like a two year old wanting a sucker at Wal-Mart, here) to write the family Christmas news letter. Joy. I need to add here that my mother (Lord love her) knows exactly how I feel about family news letters (keep in mind I'm the family curmudgeon) and the people that send them (if I wanted to know...I'd call)...(I'm a secret grump folks...seriously)...Well, anyway...I wrote the silly thing, printed it, signed, and folded it. And, here it is.... (I'm actually pleased with the system is in turmoil....I may actually have to ...dare I say it.... start writing one of these from now on....yikes....I've now gone over to the dark side!)

 December, 2010

Seasons’ greetings to one and all,
            Well, it seems yet another year has come to a close and once again it is time to break down and write a “what’s happening with us all” letter. This year this wondrous job has fallen to me (September), and for that reason I hope everyone will bear with me if it’s not as awesome as Mom’s are.
Now for the news:
Mom is back in school. She’s decided it is time to finish her goal and to earn her Master’s degree in psychology. She’s just beginning on the journey, but has been doing great so far. And, is even learning how to use some of the programs on her laptop!
            Dad has also been busy this year. He’s been working on new benches and as always they are beautiful. Not to mention the project he’s been doing at the Lenox cemetery building a marquis that will be used by visitors to locate the grave sites of their loved ones for years to come.
            As for me, I will be graduating from Northwest Missouri State University this coming Friday, and am happy to finally have this stage of my educational journey done! I’ll have my B.S. in Spanish education, and will be starting work on my master’s in ESL ed. this coming January….as well as looking for full-time work!
            Trini continues to do better in school. He’s a sophomore this year, and has discovered a new interest in blacksmithing at the renaissance fairs we attend. He has signed on with a talented blacksmith and plans to work with him at various fairs next year. He’s also started making his own short films and has had fun writing screenplays and directing his brothers and every neighborhood kid he can rope into acting for him. I think he just might be onto something!
            Ed (in 8th grade this year) is still into hunting and fishing, and has been plugging away at school in order to be able to go hunting in his free time. He hasn’t gotten anything big yet this year, but has come close several times. Who knows what next season will bring!? This summer he entered his first steer into the 4-H steer handling contest. His steer, Black Jack (a.k.a. lunch) won reserve grand champ for rate of gain, grand champ in his weight class and was chosen to compete in group-of-three, where his group got reserve grand champ for group-of-three. This past weekend was weigh-in for next year’s calf. And, Ed’s pretty optimistic about this new one’s chances, but as he said, “It’s all a gamble Mom….it can go either, we’ll see.”
Joe is a 7th grader this year, and has been trying out all the sports that Jr. High has to offer. He did football in the fall, and while he wasn’t a starter, he never failed to make me proud as I watched him play and help his team mates at every game. He’s quite the kid let me tell you; his kind, caring spirit really shines out there on the field and the court. He is also in 4-H this year, and plans to do many different projects.
Jake is in 4th grade this year. His big news for the year is that he got into T.A.G. at school, and has been having a ball in it. It has meant extra pressure and class work, and yet he has enjoyed every minute of it. This past summer he baked a cake and entered it into the youth bake competition at the county fair and got 3rd place.
So, he was excited to finally be old enough to join 4-H this year as well, and is already planning what he’s going to enter in the fair. He’s doing baking and photography for sure and may add a few other categories. He turned 10 in November, and is well on his way to pre-teendom…so; I can’t wait to see what this next year brings!
And, last but not least in the family news is Niko. He is in 2nd grade this year, and has been doing great! He has matured so much it constantly amazes me at how grown-up he is becoming! And, it appears he has inherited grandma’s artistic talents as well as my story telling abilities. So, I’m planning to encourage him to start making story books over the next few months. This should be a fun experience for us both! If you want a copy just let us know…I’m sure we’ll be able to whip you up a copy!
Adea is still living in Florida and loving the sunshine! Her girls are growing and Emma started Kindergarten this year and Joycelynn pre-school. Solomon and Ulises are both doing great in school as well, and we all keep in touch through phone calls and good old Facebook.
Well, that’s “what’s going on” with all of us around the Mains house. We hope you are all doing great, and are healthy; and if we haven’t heard from you in a while (or even if we hear from you all the time) don’t be afraid to call, write, or drop by for a visit and some coffee! We wish you all a wonderful, prosperous year, and will see you soon!
                                                                                    Blessings to you all,      
                                                                        April, Jay, Sep, Adea & Kids

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  1. A follow up to this post. Mom has heard back from several people all complimenting her on the news letter. One of her friends even told her it was the best "family news letter"s that he has ever read. So, that made me feel a bit better about being roped into writing the dang thing! *smiles*