Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Very First Step

Well, here I am blogging, not sure yet what this will become...I suppose we'll see. I will share pieces of myself here. Sure hope I don't offend anyone horrendously or bore anyone to death. (I'd hate to have that on my conscious..geesh...the pressure!)

What can I say about me to make you read this? I don't really know...so knowing me, I'll put a bunch of random thoughts here and let you go along for the ride. (You'll have to pick through the toughts at your own risk.)

Seriously though, I am an adult with A.D.D. and P.T.S.D. I can be a bit random (to put it politely).

My spelling and grammar may not always be the the best. I tend to slip into my mid-western vernacular at times...I'll try not to swear on here. (That is a hard habit to break, but an easy one to acquire..unfortunately.)

For anyone wondering what in the world I am doing by using the parenthese. I'm sharing my thought process with you. For everything I say...I think a sentence as well. (Sometimes I wish I could do this in my day-to-day life...so people would get what I am saying better.)

I am thinking that I should probably share a bit about me, myself and I. I am a mom, a student, an ex-wife, a daughter, a chef, and a bunch bunch more. I have a lot of hobbies and interests and at the moment no time to do very much other than go to classes and raise my sons. (sigh...someday..I will finish my unfished projects!)

I don't go out very often as money is constantly tight around here. Here being the extreme Southwestern corner of Iowa. When I do get a chance to go somewhere I savor the moments. Usually though I look for things to do close to home. (I love the quietness of my little town.)

I live in the town I grew up in. Many of my friends have moved to bigger places far from here (I miss them), but it has been an easy choice for me to stay here (it's where I'm rooted). I like being close to my loved ones (I am such a homey person, I even shake my head at myself sometimes), and am grateful to have the opportunity to be close to them and that the boys have that chance as well. (Of course, I know the time will come for me to spread my wings and fly will come someday....so I am gathering every moment I can now...so that when the time comes for me to go onward, I will always have my home in my heart.)

Now, a bit about my sons. They are Trinidad (Trini), age 14; Eduardo (Ed), age 12 3/4; Joseph (Joe), age 10 1/2; Jacob (Jake), age 8 1/4; and Diego (Niko), age 6 3/4.

Trini, Ed and Joe have decided to give me more gray hair by going through all the stages of puberty at the same time. Trini shaved his mustache for the first time today. =) He then proceeded to tell everyone he met (he is soooooo my child!), from the lady in the bakery to the nurse at the doctor's office (he was home sick with sinus and allergies...poor kiddo).
Ed and Joe are just getting started with the testosterone surges...I just pray I will survive these next turbulent years.

I think I'll be done for tonight. If anyone reads this; I hope you at least got a smile from it. I'll get better as time goes onward to be sure, so please keep reading and any feedback is good as long as it isn't spam or mean (I'll just iggy any meanies...I don't have time for them!)

*Random Thought of the Day*
"The sun is always brighter......... when it rises to eye level as you are driving toward it!" =P

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